In our experience and from speaking to our members, we’ve found the biggest barriers to you achieving your health and fitness goals are a combination of a lack of support and accountability, together with not knowing ‘what to do’ in the gym.

It’s normal not to know what exercises to do on what days, how many to do or even for how long. The media tells us a different story every day, it is no wonder so many are confused!

We know you’re apprehensive about joining a new gym or starting a new fitness regime.

What will the atmosphere be like? Will it be challenging enough (or too challenging)? Will I actually stick it? Will it be cliquey? Will I enjoy it?

Because of these types of questions, we kick everyone off with our 30 Day Trial at the cost of £69.

A chance for you to trial us and see what you think.

We believe and have seen time and time again that your chances of achieving your health, fitness, physique, strength and energy goals are so much higher when you’ve got an awesome Personal Trainer guiding you through every workout you do.

We also believe that getting in to the shape of your life and keeping it that way is about consistency and sustainability. This is why the accountability of having your a team of coaches and an incredible community around you is so effective in getting you the results which you are after.

Our trial period gives you the opportunity to ‘test drive’ our programme, our coaches and our facility itself, all while laying the foundations for your health and fitness journey.

During the 30 days… you’ll gain a valuable insight into how to train (and eat) for your goals and can use the time to decide what you’d like to do in the long-term.

Every session you do is tailored to your individual needs to ensure that nothing’s ever ‘too easy’ or indeed ‘too hard’. We work with you to make sure that you are getting the most out of every session.

Don’t just take our word for it …

Once you’re up and running (not literally!)… we monitor your progress session-to-session to ensure that everything is working out as planned.

Our small community allows us to tailor our advice to you based on how you’re doing in the gym, outside of the gym and how your body is responding to the changes you’re making.

The Barbelle 30 Day Trial has zero long term commitment. It’s just £69 for the full month.

We guarantee that you will see and feel results, but also make a ton of new friends in the process.

We limit the amount of trials we take on each month to ensure our service standards do not drop, so if you’d like to claim your place on our 30 Day Trial – register your details below now and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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