This week’s shoutout goes to Barbelle founding member and good friend Katie.

Katie got married last Saturday and I think we can all agree that she looked incredible – she sparkled.

I am confident that every Barbelle member would have amazing things to say about Katie and a story to tell about sharing a session with her ????????

We have had our fair share of strops, exercise refusals, turning up late… but these are far outweighed by the huge lifting PBs, laughter, energy and ‘oh I don’t mind this one actually.’ When Katie first started out I think we had a list as long of my arm of exercises she didn’t like, but we have gradually chipped away at this and don’t think there is anything she won’t have a go at now!

Katie is one of the strongest girls we have, deadlifting and squatting huge weights – which just shows that lifting heavy doesn’t make you ‘big and bulky.’

Barbelle wouldn’t have happened without the support and encouragement of Katie. There are not enough words to say thank you or praise you for being you.

No rest for the wicked though – see you in a week or two for honeymoon countdown ????

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Sally Alexander - Client Focus, Barbelle Scarborough